13 Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

How often have you gone to buy paint, only to not be able to make up your mind as to what color you really wanted? Or maybe when you got it home you discovered it didn’t look the way you thought it would.

I think we’ve all done that at one time or another, so these tips on how to choose the right paint colors for the inside and the outside of your home. Most of us don’t realize that there are certain colors that will face a lot faster outdoors than others. Unless we want to paint every few years, then staying away from those colors would be a good idea. ┬áCourtesy of our friends at familyhandyman.

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Use Actual Paint Samples, Not Chips

Use Actual Paint Samples, Not Chips

It’s difficult to tell what a color is going to look like on your wall from a small paint chip, so many manufacturers offer sample containers of their colors. Depending on the manufacturer, you can buy sample containers in quarts, pints or even smaller sizes, and they range in price from $3 to $8. They’re a wise investment that will prevent you from wasting money on a color that isn’t right. And because colors can change dramatically under different lighting conditions, instead of rolling the sample onto the wall, roll it onto white tagboard.You’ll be able to move the sample around and view it under all the different lighting conditions in your home.

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