16 Beautiful DIY Mirrors

There’s something about mirrors we love. and I’m not sure if it’s because we like looking at ourselves (we do!) or because mirrors are beautiful on a wall and and really open and expand a room.

I’ll bet if you look through your home right now you will find that you have at least one mirror in each room. So why not make them unique and beautiful? Update your home decor simply by updating your mirrors!

Take a look at our 16 different DIY mirrors and see if they don’t give you inspiration to try something new.

1. CD Mirror

cd mirror frame- DIYscoop.com

Can you believe that this frame is made from breaking old CD’s and then gluing the reflective side to a mirror? It looks awesome!

Project and image source: Intuition Physician

2. Mirror with Egg Carton Flowers

egg carton flower mirror frame- DIYscoop.com

This is so cute! You’ll need cardboard egg cartons to make these flowers and then use a hot glue gun to attach them to the surface the mirror is mounted to. You can find the complete tutorial at Better Homes & Gardens.

Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

We’ve got 14 more to go on the following pages.

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