27 Beautiful And Adorable Christmas Ornament Ideas DIY

There are some really clever ideas on this list of ornament ideas that are DIY.  My favorite are the elves made from pine cones.  I prefer a handmade ornament over a store bought one.  The birds made from shelled almonds are precious!  Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for the ideas.

Create a mouthwatering peppermint ornament that looks almost good enough to eat! Apply a thin layer of glue to one side of a disk, then center it on an 8-by-6 inch piece of tissue paper, glue side down. Add a thin layer of glue to the face-up side. Fold the paper around the disk. Twist it candy-wrapper-style, and secure it with knotted lengths of ribbon. Apply glue to one side of the wrapped disk. Coil the yarn in alternating colors to make spiraling peppermint stripes. Let it dry. For hanging, tape a twine loop to the back.


Images from Better Homes and Gardens.

For the full list and instructions visit Better Homes and Gardens.

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