27 Clever DIYs for Book Lovers

I love books and have always collected lots of them. Even with Kindle and other means of reading books besides just a printed copy, books are still a big business. I love curling up somewhere comfortable with a good, engrossing book for a few hours. It’s one of my favorite ways to relax.

Authors love books because it’s a medium they are passionate about and many make their living with it. So whether they’re writing on a page, for art, or on a wall, they’re happy. Bloggers and those who keep a journal love to write.┬áSo it’s no surprise that DIY projects that have to do with books or parts of our favorite books are a big hit.

Here’s a list of 27 incredibly clever DIYs all true book lovers will appreciate that was compiled by Maitland Quimeyer and Mallory McInnis at Buzzfeed. If you love books as much as we do, you may find some projects you’d like to start.



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