3 Chic Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin For Fall

These three DIY pumpkin decorating ideas are so pretty and classic.  This use of fabric flowers is a fantastic idea.  You can use any type of fabric that suits you.  Maybe paint some color on the tops of the petals.  The use of scrapbook paper gives you endless ways to decorate a pumpkin.  Thanks to Making It In The Mountains for the great project idea.

Good morning!

My two week long {All Things Fall} adventure continues today and boy have I got a treat for you!!! Prepare yourselves for an absolute TON of pumpkin inspiration!

You may remember this Great Crate Challenge, when I teamed up with nine other talented bloggers to bring you ten amazing ways to transform a simple wood crate from Michaels. Well folks, we’ve done it again! Today I’ve teamed up with even more fab bloggy friends to show you how you can transform this simple craft pumpkin from Michaels in a ton of different ways!

Going along with my {All Things Fall} theme of neutral colours and a rustic look, I created these shabby-chic pumpkins and I’m absolutely in LOVE!

So here’s what we all started with: these simple craft pumpkins from Michaels. You can choose from 3 different sizes and 3 different colours plus, they’re on sale all week for 50%off!!!

I couldn’t make up my mind about which size would work best for me, so naturally I bought all 3! Since I scored them all for 50% off too, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Plus, bringing home more pumpkins meant I’d have a chance to try more than one idea!

I knew even before this pumpkin project came about that I wanted to try making a pumpkin covered in felt flowers. Ever since seeing this beautiful one by Amy at Delineate Your Dwelling, I knew I needed a lovely felt pumpkin in my life too!

So, I started making my own felt flowers by cutting circles of felt into spirals. Wonky, imperfect, little spirals. I experimented by varying the size of circle I stared with and the width of the spirals I was cutting, which gave me a ton of variation to my flowers.


Images from Making It In The Mountains.

For the full instructions visit Making It In The Mountains.


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