37 Ingenious Ikea Hacks to Help Organize Your Life

Ikea sells the most amazing things, but honestly, part of what makes them amazing is that with a little creativity, they can be used in many different ways. When you see the 37 Ikea products on this list and the ingenious ways people have come up with for using them, I promise you’re going to want to run straight to an Ikea store.

This list is about organizing and doing double-duty for some things, for others it repurposes Ikea products in a way they weren’t marketed for. Organizing small things and using furniture as a room divider and a window seat are my favorites. I love the Stave mirror in #20, which is mounted on a hinge so you can hang all your jewelry behind it, safely out of sight.

Peggy Want at Buzzfeed compiled this list, and I love everything on it. Head over to Buzzfeed and take a look at 37 Clever Ways to Organize Your Entire Life With Ikea.




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