45 Annoying Photos That May Push Your Buttons!

Sometimes the smallest things can really annoy us. They don’t have to make any sense, but it’s interesting how things that disrupt a certain order or flow make us feel a little out of kilter ourselves. If you have any OCD tendencies at all, some of these may push your buttons.

But what about things that are just, well, annoying? Like trying to spread hard butter on soft bread, or toilet seats that sit askew. The pictures in this list are sort of a documentary of annoying things we encounter on occasion. You may find yourself getting irritated just looking at them! But it’s also fun, as we realize how these things (most of which you’ve seen at one time or another), truly did push your buttons and maybe even make you mad! (like having the toilet paper roll out of reach).

Take a minute for some fun and look through these vexing photos put together by Hannah Jewell at Buzzfeed.





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