5 Ways to Make a Pet Bed From Old Furniture

Finding old furniture that is ideal for repurposing, expecially when we already have a project in mind for it, is a thrill for DIYers. Four of these pet bed ideas involve taking an old piece of furniture and redoing it for a brand new purpose. One is built from plywood with an easy template. Take a look at these lovely, comfy beds for your dog or cat.

This is made from an old octagonal table that used to be popular and when you find one, costs almost nothing. After the door was taken off and a fresh coat of paint, the inside was lined with fabric and a cushion added. It is now a beautiful side table and attractive bed for your pet.

octagonal table and pet bed- DIYscoop.com

Project source and tutorial: DIY Network

From an old drawer to a super cute dog bed. Wooden furniture feet are screwed into the bottom of an old drawer and after paint and large wooden letters are added to the front, it is a comfy bed for any dog or cat.pet bed from old drawer- DIYscoop.com

Project source and tutorial: DIY Network

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