6 Beautiful DIY Stacked Teacup Lamps

What do you do with heirloom or your grandmother’s teacups and teapots besides having them sit in a glass cabinet or on a shelf to collect dust? Making a lamp with them is one way to put them to use and be able to enjoy them. Not only that, but teacup lamps are so very pretty and certainly unique.

If you don’t already have a collection, or if you don’t have any that you are willing to drill holes in, many thrift stores sell them. Pick up the colors you want to combine, and as you’ll see below, some lamps also use a combination of cups with saucers as well as small teapots.

Here are some beautiful teacup lamps to look through for ideas, as well as 2 different tutorials for making your own.

1. Teacup Lamp

teacup lamp- DIYscoop.com

There are so many variations on these lamps. This one has 2 saucers turned upright for the base and either a teapot or a small lamp for the top portion.

Source: Apartment Therapy

2. Stacked Teacup Table Lamps

teacup lamp- DIYscoop.com

Notice the addition to a totally different color added to the pinks. It also has a smaller saucer for the base.

There’s another stacked teacup table lamp with a good tutorial on the Next Page.

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