6 DIY Greenhouses for Under $50

Greenhouses are not cheap to build, unless you do it yourself. If you’ve been wanting to be able to grow fresh vegetables in any season, a greenhouse is the way to go. Having fresh produce from your own garden is so much healthier and satisfying that what is available in stores, which is often days or weeks old and was harvested before it was fully ready. That means it doesn’t have nearly the amount of nutrients as when you harvest at their peak. With a greenhouse, you can pick your veggies when they’re ready and at their tastiest. Yum!

1. Hoop Greenhouse


This greenhouse can be built for under $50 only if you scrounge and scrap for the materials. If you need to buy everything needed it will cost closer to $150, which is still a very good price for a greenhouse. If you follow the plans exactly you will end up with a greenhouse that is 165 sq ft. It will be 11 feet wide and 15 feet long, with a height of 7.5 feet in the center of the arch. The design can be altered to make your greenhouse longer or shorter, but the width needs to maintained at between 10 – 12 feet.

One caution is to not make your arch lower than the plans call for because snow and rain can accumulate on the top and collapse the whole thing. Keeping the right arch height will prevent that from happening.

You can find the plans and complete instructions at The Door Garden

The instructions for building the door are available separately, also at The Door Garden.

Source of Project and Images: The Door Garden

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