8 Creative Ideas Using Cinder Blocks

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3. Garden Bed Border

vegetable and flower bed cinder block edging- DIYscoop.com

Cinder blocks make an excellent border because they keep a straight line, they’re easy to edge or trim around, and you can use the holes as planters if you wish.

Image Source: Guiding Home

4. Low Shelves

cinder block shelves- DIYscoop.com


Using single blocks enables you to make a smaller and more compact shelving unit. I like the way it looks but I would be inclined to paint the blocks.

Source: The Spann Fam

5. Cinder Block Table

outdoor cinder block table- DIyscoop.com

Nice touch, adding the votives, and you don’t have to worry about setting anything on fire.

Image source: A Casa Eh Sua

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