8 Ways to Update a Chair Seat With Belts

You’ve probably come across numerous old chairs at garage sales or thrift stores that that you passed on because they either didn’t have the seat intact or the seat needed to be replaced.  Well, here’s what you can do with them, and I’m on the lookout for interesting looking chairs to work this magic on.

Leather belts are easy and cheap to come by, and I’m told that you can also purchase belt blanks at Tandy Leather to use. That’s probably a good idea if you are would like a more uniform look color-wise, but I think I’d prefer collecting an assortment of belt sizes and colors.

Let’s look at the different ways chairs and stools have been given new life with belts.

1. White chair with colored belts

chair with belts for seat- DIYscoop.com

If you look at this chair you can tell that it is a typical dining room-type chair. I used to have these in a set so they’re fairly common and easy to find. Painting the chair white makes the belt colors pop.

Image source and tutorial: Sally Ann

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