A Beautiful DIY Pine Cone Flower Wreath

I find how this wreath is put together very interesting.  You actually cut the pine cone instead of leaving it whole so it resembles flowers.  You can make this DIY pine cone flower wreath for any season throughout the year.  It’s time to raid your (or your neighbor’s) yard for some project material.  Thanks to Today’s Fabulous Finds for the lovely idea.

 Happy Fall!  Last year I showed you how I made a burlap bubble wreath for my decorative door, then how to spiffy it up with Fall flowers.  This Fall I really wanted to make a wreath to hang on my front door.  My original plan was to use the leftover pine cones from my Christmas centerpieces and just glue them onto a wreath form.  When I sat down to get started though one idea led to another and I ended up going in a whole new direction.  I could not be more pleased with the results!
I spent around $5 on supplies.   The wreath form was four dollars and I had to stock up on my supply of hot glue, everything else was from my stash…or from my yard…or from my Grandma’s yard (she has TONS of the cutest little pine cones).
The pine cone flowers in the center are quite fun to make and they are sooo easy to paint!  My mind is racing with all of the ways they could be used!

How to Make a Pine Cone Flower Wreath

Small Pine Cones (lots of them)
3 Medium Pine Cones
12″ Foam Wreath Form or Larger
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Small Handheld Pruners
Large (tree limb size) Pruners
Paint:  Yellow, Orange, Vanilla, Brown
A Few Small Branches/Twigs
Ribbon to Hang It
Sprig of Berries
 Clear Acrylic Spray (Optional)
Pine Cone Flowers_5952
For full instructions visit Today’s Fabulous Finds.

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