A Beautiful Garden In A Rain Gutter DIY

Rain gutters are a fun and unique way to plant a garden.  There are so many ways to display your planters.  Hang them in multiple rows, paint the gutter to match or stand out from your house or place them on the ground along the side of your house.  Plant flowers or herbs.  Thanks to Easy Vertical Garden for the great idea.

Gutter Gardens & How to Make Your Own

The first time I saw a picture of a gutter garden, I was hooked and had to have one for myself. It was so neat and organized-looking, and it shouted “Low Maintenance”, which is right up my alley.

The picture on the left shows the gutter garden I built, but there are lots of different styles and materials you can use. Some people make hanging gutter gardens that are not attached to a wall. I’ve seen others that run back and forth diagonally to create an easy watering system. Of course some people also have plants growing out of their rain gutters that have gotten clogged with debris (ok, that’s a joke).

There are so many benefits to gutter gardens – but even if you don’t care about those, they’re cool to have anyway.

1. They are Cheap and Easy to Make

You can pick up basic materials at your local home improvement store very inexpensively. If you can glue, drill and put dirt in a container, this job is calling your name.

2. You Don’t Need a Large Yard

Gutter gardens are vertical, so they take up virtually no floor space. This means you can live in a very urban area and grow as many plants as your wall space can accommodate.

3. They Keep Plants Safe from Lots of Pests

If you’re worried about gopher, raccoons, dogs or other plant predators attacking your plants, fear no more! Gutter gardens high off the ground can keep your plants alive and happy.


Images from Easy Vertical Garden.

For the full instructions visit Easy Vertical Garden.


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