A Beautiful Ladder As A Nightstand DIY

A ladder next to a bed is an unique way to draw interest in a room.  It can be used to hold spare blankets or towels.  If the steps are wide enough a clock and knick knacks would add a nice touch.  This DIY ladder project would also make for a good towel rack in a bathroom.  Thanks to Clockwork Interiors for a great idea.

So anyone who knows me well,  knows my heart beats a little bit faster when I spot a bright florescent garage or estate sale sign.  Time spent shopping at a good thrift or charity shop is time well spent in my opinion.  There is nothing I like better than taking something you pick up for a couple of bucks and turning it into something pretty spectacular.

I was pretty proud of a recent thrift shop find … an old bunk bed ladder that I purchased for $1 … and it’s even real wood!!  I thought these treasures and finds might make for an interesting series.  And if thrifting isn’t really your thing, at least there should be a good before and after …. But I’m secretly hoping you’ll at least think about hitting up a thrift shop or garage sale! 


Images from Clockwork Interiors.

For the full instructions visit Clockwork Interiors.

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