A Charming Wind Chime Out Of Junk DIY

How can you not be intrigued by this junk wind chime DIY project?  It’s so sweet, clever and amusing.  All you need to do is search your home, garage sale or thrift store to see what items catch your eye.  We have keys aplenty that I have no idea what they open so they will be perfect for this project.  Thanks to Life. By Hand. for the neat idea.

Handmade from Home {session 01}

‘Handmade from Home’ is a series that will focus on creating pieces made entirely from what’s on hand in your home.  No going out and buying.  Even if you don’t create every project, my wish is that you will start to think toward looking at the things around your home in a different way.

Remember this quote in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo?

The beautiful is as useful as the useful. . .and perhaps more so.

Our homes are packed full with ‘stuff’.  How can we turn practical into beautiful?  That’s what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did many years ago when they created aprons and little girl dresses from the bags the flour came in.

Oh I have enough ideas to fill a book, I’m so excited!  So let’s get started…

I call this my “Junk Windchime” because it’s made from, literally, old junk from around the farm (except for those lovely old chandelier crystals).


Images from Life. By Hand.

For the full instructions visit Life. By Hand.

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