A Clever Counter Over The Utility Sink DIY

This is such a fantastic idea!  A DIY counter top over a utility sink is a great use of that space.  I would love a flat work space for prepping clothes to be washed or folded when dried.  The counter top is hinged so if you need the sink just flip up the top.  Thanks to Kurt Leucht’s Blog for the idea.

Little by little we are making small home improvements to our new house.  Recently my lovely and talented wife came up with this amazing idea.  It’s a countertop for our laundry room that is primarily used to fold clothes fresh out of the dryer.  The most awesome and amazing part of her idea is that the countertop portion over the utility sink is hinged and folds up out of the way so we can use the sink.  I liked the idea so much that I immediately started designing and creating it.

Here is a photo of the final product.  The decorating ideas also came from my lovely and talented wife, by the way.  Click on any photo to view larger versions of it in my photo gallery.

I bought the countertop from my local home improvement store and cut it down to the correct size using my table saw.  This countertop looks like granite, but it is actually a pressboard or an MDF with a hard laminate on top.  Here is the final product from another angle.

And here is what it looks like with the sink countertop opened up.  I installed a chain and hook to hold the countertop up.

Laundry folding countertop hinges open to reveal utility sink 2

Images from Kurt Leucht’s Blog.

For the full instructions visit Kurt Leucht’s Blog.

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