A Comfortable And Chic Pouf Inspired By West Elm DIY

The great thing about poufs is that they can be used as extra seating or a place to rest your feet.  This DIY West Elm inspired pouf can be used indoors or outside.  If you choose to make an indoor pouf make sure you pick a sturdy fabric.  Thanks to Place of My Taste for the great idea.

So today’s theme was outdoor as we are into summer with double feet and we are spending all of our free times outdoors. You heard me saying it few times already ( I know, I know, I know…)and I will tell you again, that we love spending time on our fun and colorful patio. We made an L shape pallet furniture last year and I thought an extra seating or just a simple footrest would be great addition to our cozy deck.

This chic stripe pouf was my inspiration for today’s project.

I just simply loved the fabric. I did not find anything that was close to looking like this striped fabric so I painted my own. :-) I love painting anything, did you know that?


2 yards of white outdoor fabric.  ($9.99/yard)

blue fabric paint

paint brush

sewing machine

fabric glue

poly fill

As a first step I measured and cut my fabric, (16″ x 17″) then I painted my uneven lines on with a small paint brush. It only took me about 15 – 20 minutes to paint the whole fabric.

I cut out a long piece and it was easy to go from the top to the bottom with my lines. I also chose to cut out a long piece  so I would not have to sew all sides together. I have a sewing machine but I  only use it maybe once a year for a project. I am by no means know how to sew a more serious project but I can handle to sew together two pieces of fabric.

On the image below I wanted to show you in what order did I go to sew the sides together. The blue numbers show you how I sew the fabric together in order.


Images from Place of My Taste.

For the full instructions visit Place of My Taste.

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