A Cool And Easy DIY Pallet Console Table

This DIY pallet console table is perfect for those small or narrow spaces where a table is needed.  I would love to make one to place next to my front door.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a saw.  Usually, you can find the size of wood needed or work with the size you find.  This project is really very simple so give it a try.  Thanks to Kleinworth & Co. for the idea.

We had such a fun time designing & building our home. As we watched it all come together, there were a few areas where I knew I would have to create something custom to fit the space. Places like the little entry area to the master bedroom are not quite wide enough for a full size piece of furniture. But it is wide enough that it looked like something was missing if I decided to leave it empty. Closer to the completion of the house I had decided that I needed a console table there & I started brainstorming on just how I would build it & what it would look like. It wasn’t until our range arrived the day after we picked up our keys that I knew what I would do. DIY Pallet Console Table was just what the space needed.

You see – the range arrived on this pallet. The hubs looked at me & said “why didn’t the delivery guys take the pallet with them?” HA! Because I told them to leave it just as it was & we would do the install since we had to remove the builder grade range that came with the house. He was worried that he would have to find a place to store the pallet. I assured him not to worry. I had a plan.


Images from Kleinsmith & Co.

For further instructions visit Kleinsmith & Co.

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