A Cute And Clever Changeable Holiday Board DIY

This changeable holiday or event board is easy and fun.  It’s similar to a wooden calendar where you change it every month.  This is a great gift idea because it’s original and personally make.  You can design tiles for the season, life events, or to display children’s artwork.  Thanks to bugaboo, mini, mr & me for the neat project.

Presto Change-o Holiday Board

 A while ago… back on Christmas Eve, in fact, I had the ridiculously awesome chance to guest post over at Infarrantly Creative.  In the off chance that you live in a cave or at the bottom of a swamp, and HAVEN’T yet made it over to Beckie’s place, I encourage you strongly to go check it out!  She’s got some seriously sweet inspiration you don’t want to miss.

Over at Infarrantly Creative, I showcased my completely customizable, alterable, changeable, magic holiday board.  (But we’ll just call it the Holiday Board for short.)  And I thought I’d repost the tutorial here for your enjoyment!

That is my Thanksgiving version.  Right now, my boards decorated for Valentine’s Day.
Want to see how to do it?  It’s ridiculously easy.  (and I even cheated a little bit, too.)
First off, here’s what you’ll need:
A small 2×4 cut to the length you’d like.  (I just used a scrap board from our closet shelves which we took down.)
Spray paint (in your choice of color)
Plain white tissue paper
A computer/printer
Mod podge (glossy or matte)
Ceramic Tiles (whatever size you’d like – enough to make at least THREE tiles per holiday)
Leaf paper punch (optional)
Colored tissue paper (optional)
SECRET INGREDIENT (to be disclosed later)
For the full instructions visit bugaboo, mini, mr & me.

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