A Cute and Colorful DIY Lego Coat Rack

This DIY Lego coat rack is so cute!  It’s much easier to make than an actual Lego project that has a ton of directions.  Remember, Legos aren’t just for boys.  My daughter loves getting them as presents, too.  This also would be fun in a college apartment.  Legos are for all ages!  Thanks to DIY on the Cheap for this fun and easy project.

One of the most fun projects I did for the Dwell with Dignity home was this DIY Lego Coat Rack for the boys’ bedroom, and now of course my boys want me to build one for them too! I’m going to walk you through exactly how I made it.

First, cut down your 2×4 to the size you desire. The one I made is 36 inches long, and I used my miter saw. Use a sander to sand it smooth.   Cut your dowel rod into 1/2″ thick slices — I also used my miter saw for this. Sand the edges as they will most likely be a bit rough or splintery after you’ve cut them.

I decided to create the following pattern: long Lego (with 6 dowel pieces), coat hook, short Lego (with 4 dowel pieces), coat hook, long Lego, hook, short Lego, hook, long Lego. I didn’t do much measuring at this point, I just laid out my dowel pieces in the position I wanted them (leaving the “hook” spots blank at first) and eyeballed it to make sure everything was even.


Images from DIY on the Cheap.

For full instructions visit DIY on the Cheap.

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