A Fabulous Inspiration Or Message Board With An Old Window Frame DIY

This DIY project is a fresh take on an inspiration or message board.  It uses a reclaimed wood window frame and some chicken wire.  The board is an easy and quick project to do.  What a great way to keep track of those important notes and ideas.  Thanks to The Summery Umbrella for the idea.

Hello friends! I hope everyone’s Friday has started off wonderfully, and you’re excited for the coming weekend of diy projects, relaxation (hopefully!) and family fun 🙂 I know my weekend is already jam packed and it hasn’t even started yet! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m definitely one of those people that stays happier when I am always buzzing around rather than just sitting down bored out of my mind. I always seem to have a list of to do’s anyways so it’s a good thing that I can’t sit still!

Speaking of to do lists, do you have an inspiration board to keep yourself motivated and inspired? Recently I was cleaning out my daily binder and desk area, and I realized that I have been hoarding saving pictures, business cards, random bits among many other things, but I didn’t have a place to really put them.
So, what do you do, or rather, what do I do? 😉 Well, make a beautiful and rustic reclaimed window inspiration board of course!
What do you need to make this beauty?
FOUR THINGS. Really, just four! A reclaimed window, heavy duty staples, chicken coop wire (aka. galvanized mesh hexagonal poultry netting) and hangers.
For the full instructions visit The Summery Umbrella.

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