A Fantastic Rustic Bowl Made From A Globe DIY

You can make your own rustic looking bowl out of an old globe.  This DIY project is a great upcycle idea.  You may already have a beat up globe collecting dust somewhere or go visit a thrift store.  A decorative bowl is useful and a lovely piece of art to display on your counter or table.  Thanks to Anderson and Grant for the great idea.

Wood dough bowls are one of those vintage staples that can fit into many decorating styles and be filled with a variety of things.  I always love seeing how much character and patina they have from years of use.

They are really expensive, though.  And while there are many resin reproductions to buy, those aren’t much cheaper.  As I’m always on the lookout for a unique and inexpensive DIY project, I decided to try my hand at creating my own faux reproduction dough bowl.  And I must say that it turned out pretty realistic looking!

I needed something to use as a base for my bowl, so I decided to use an old world globe from Goodwill.  It was taken apart so that I had two halves of the world.

The half a globe was too deep for my taste and I wanted my bowl to be a little rustic, so I cut down into the globe and tore apart sections to make it shorter.  The cardboard globe is really thick and hard to cut, so that is how I ended up tearing it apart.  But this gave me a rustic look, which was exactly what I was looking for.

One the globe was cut down in size, I pulled apart layers of the cardboard to make the edges wider for the next step in this process.

This project uses one of my all-time-favorite craft products…..joint compound.  Yes, I realize that joint compound is not a craft product but rather a home improvement product, but I like to think out of the box.  I’ve used it on a few different projects in the past, and it worked perfectly to make these bowls.

thrift store world globe torn apart

Images from Anderson and Grant.

For the full instructions visit Anderson and Grant.

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