A Fun License Plate Lamp DIY

This is a cool way to use an old license plate.  This DIY project has you building a lamp stand but you can pick up an already made one at the thrift store.  If you want a taller shade use two plates and stack them.  Thanks to A Crafty Mix for the neat idea.

I found some awesome license plate mock ups at the local China mall. I loved them so much I bought tons and at only R 30 they were an abSooooLute steal My son, who by the way has just matriculated (mommy is so very proud of you Calin ♥), needed a new bedside table lamp for his bedroom and we thought the plates would make a perfect lamp shade.  Add some plumbing bits and you get an easy industrial style lamp.

For the lamp shade
  • 2 license plates
  • 4  brackets
  • 8 Pop rivets and a rivet gun
  • Electric light fitting (plastic)
  • Galvanized wire
  • Insulation tape

For the lamp base

  • 1 four way PVC box (25 mm)
  • 4 90o  galvanized plumbing elbows (20 mm)
  • 1 galvanized tube (20 mm)
  • Electrical wire, plug and light switch
  • Spray paint

To make the lamp shade, measure the horizontal half way mark on each license plate and using a straight piece of wood carefully bend the license plates on the half way mark so they form a 90o  angle. Place the license plates together and attach using the brackets and the pop rivets.


Images from A Crafty Mix.

For the full instructions visit A Crafty Mix.


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