A Fun Way To Do Your Hair For Christmas DIY

OK.  This idea is too cute not to post.  Now if my daughter would just let me touch her hair…  I love clever ways to put up long hair because it’s a fun way to show some personality.  After you tie with ribbon you can weave in all types of “ornaments.”  You don’t need the kit, just a craft store.  Thanks to DesignThusiasm for the sweet idea.

Supplies you’ll need:hairbrush, Christmas Tree Braid Kit

Time:  10 minutes.

Step 1. Pull the top of the hair back, secure with elastic.

Step 2. Section off half of the hair from the top ponytail.

Step 3. Take half the hair from the ponytail and braid, adding hair into the strand on the left only. Add hair for 4-5 stitches then stop adding hair, braiding out another few stitches and securing with an elastic.


Image from DesignThusiasm.

For the full instructions visit DesignThusiam.

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