A gorgeous beaded braid necklace and it’s DIY!

My favorite hobby is making jewelry so I can’t wait to start on this DIY beaded necklace.  I love making things for others so I’m envisioning which color works best on which friend.  It’s easy and a gift straight from the heart.  Oooo! I can throw some heart beads in there! Thanks Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business for feeding my habit. Show me yours!

I couldn’t have predicted so many jewelry posts. What can I say? I get on kicks. I saw a necklace like this in a store but it was shorter and the braid contained different kinds of beads. I wanted it longer with one type of bead. Tada, the braided bead necklace.

braidnecklace  IMG_3488

Images from Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business.

For full instructions visit Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business.

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