A Gorgeous Coffee Filter Wreath DIY

There are a lot of tutorials on making a coffee filter wreath but you can tell they’re filters.  This DIY project doesn’t have that look.  You can use any variety of colors that you like.  A wreath that is all white with some filter roses is beautiful.  Thanks to Lovely Crafty Home for the idea.

I was inspired by this totally gorgeous wreath at Jones Design Company.

{Jones Design Company}

I wanted to make mine more all-season friendly, so I decided to leave out the berries and such and use more muted colors. As for the method, I didn’t take any actual pictures during the process because I was sort of making it up (shocker, no?). I chose 3 pink paint colors (Folk Art, from AC Moore)-which I diluted and/or mixed until I got a color I liked. I had 3 plastic cups that I mixed various colors in. Then I dunked each filter in a color, squeezed it out, and hung it up to dry. I’d add brown or more pink to change the color of the paint water as I continued dying the filters. For the light creamy ones, I used strong brewed tea. To get a cool natural gradient look you can use a paint brush to dab different colors on the edges of the filter.


Main image from Lovely Crafty Home.

The second image from Tip Junkie.

For the full instructions visit Lovely Crafty Home.

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