A Gorgeous Full Length Mirror And Frame DIY

You may think this DIY full length mirror and frame project is too difficult to take on but it isn’t.  It’s much easier than it looks especially if you don’t cut any wood.  Purchase different lengths of wood or pre-cut all the same length.  This is a basic plan so go crazy with your idea.  Thanks to Child at Heart.

I have been wanting a full length floor mirror forever.  I would shop online and they were always hundreds of dollars and so THAT wasn’t happening.  I decided to make my own a few months ago but didn’t have any inspiration.  I was looking through Pinterest and there it was!  Inspired :)

This headboard from, of course, Urban Outfitters, was going to be my muse for this project.  I really liked the arrow design and the rustic look of the wood.

I was finally ready to go to the hardware store.  I went to Homeworks, which is a great local hardware store that has a little bit of everything :)   I bought 4 pieces of wood that were 2x8x8.  They cut them down for me to be 6 1/2 feet long which was the height I wanted for the mirror frame.  I also bought a smaller, thinner piece of wood for mounting them all together on the back.

I got them home and my husband screwed them together with the thinner piece of wood on the back.

Next I decided what colors I wanted to use.  I just grabbed a bunch of acrylic paints from my craft room and started painting to decide which colors looked great together.  Once I decided, I started taping off my arrow pattern.


Images from Child at Heart.

For the full instructions visit Child at Heart.

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