A Gorgeous Lighted Headboard For Your Bed DIY

What a cool idea!  This DIY lighted headboard is so easy and inexpensive to do.  Your room will be so cozy and inviting that you will never want to leave.  Grab a cup of coffee and a good book then crawl back into bed.  Thanks to The Palette Muse for a lovely idea.

We did this in our bedroom makeover to save both money and space. Our bedroom isn’t very large and our furniture felt like it was taking over the whole room. So we got rid of most of the furniture, including the headboard and footboard on the bed. Then, to make a big statement with very little money, I designed this lit headboard out of curtains and string lights.

Making your own lit headboard is quite simple really, and very budget-savvy.

You’ll need:

  • A curtain rod that extends to at least 70 inches.
  • 3 or more curtain panels, and clips if the panels are not back-tabbed or grommet-ted.
  • 1-2 strings of white Christmas lights (80-100 lights).
  • Small nails or tacks and a hammer. (You could also use 3M Command hooks if you don’t want to put holes in your wall.)
  • Remote control plug adapter.


My bed is a queen size, so if you have a king size, make sure your curtain rod will extend to at least 86 inches, and you’ll probably need four curtain panels, as well as an additional string of lights.

When choosing curtains, make sure you find something that isn’t completely opaque or too transparent. You don’t want heavy drapes, but something that will let the light through without showing the strings behind it. Most sheers will be too thin. My curtains came from HomeGoods, but I also like Target and Overstock.

The curtain clips are important if you are using three panels because if you use rod pocket panels (the ones where you just slide the curtain rod through the pocket that extends across the back of the curtain) you’ll have a problem in the middle with the rod support. You could also solve this problem by using four panels, so the support can sit right between the two middle panels.


Images from The Palette Muse.

For the full instructions visit The Palette Muse.

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