A Gorgeous Wooden Wreath That Works Year Round DIY

I could do an entire website just on wreaths because there are so many great ideas.  This DIY wreath uses tree branches that have been sliced to create small discs.  If you want your wreath to be used for special occasions it can certainly be dressed up (paint some slices for your favorite sports team, holiday colors, add some ornamental features such as flowers).  Thanks to Becoming Martha for the idea.

Hi friends! It is time to share my favourite part of holiday decorating – actually, to be honest, I’m not a big holiday decorator (I know, bad blogger, right?)  You will never see my house in a holiday home tour, because I am still struggling to get the Legos and Goldfish off the floor, let alone have a Christmas themed version of everything in my house.  (No offence to those that do – I wish I had the energy or desire, but I don’t!)  However, I do love creating a new wreath to hang on my door for just about every holiday or season.  And this year is no different!

 Actually, this year is a little different.  This wreath isn’t much like my usual style – its a very rustic, country glam style.  I absolutely love it (and the style), but I’m usually more of a beach cottage style.  Either way, the neutral tones of this wreath would work with any style, which is probably why I designed it this way.  It’s versatile enough to use year round as well.

If you’d like to make your own version of this wood slice wreath, just follow along and I’ll give you all of the details!


Images from Becoming Martha.

For the full instructions visit Becoming Martha.



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