A Great And Easy Italian Meatball Bake DIY

Garlic bread, meatballs and cheese all in one DIY recipe?  And it’s easy?  I’m sold!  This Italian meatball bake is a change from spaghetti or lasagna.  It only takes 5 minutes to prepare and 25 to bake.  No need for take-out tonight.  Thanks to Lemons for Lulu for the nice change at dinnertime.

Some nights you need to get dinner on the table quickly!  This Easy Italian Meatball Bake comes together quickly and is made with only a few simple ingredients!

I dreamed about Hamburger Helper when I was a kid.  I did.  My mom spent every day making food from scratch.  I got so tired of it.  I wanted Rice-a-Roni (why should San Fransisco be the only ones to enjoy this treat), Hamburger Helper and Chef Boyardee.  I would ask to eat at the houses of my friends so that I could indulge in these deliciously convenient meals.  I didn’t want homemade bread and stew, I wanted chili mac darn it!

I have an appreciation for mom’s homemade food now that I am cooking for my family.  But I do recognize that my mom had nothing but time to prepare all those home cooked meals.  Time is a luxury these days. Most of us have very busy schedules.  We have full time jobs, little kids to nurture and big kids to taxi.  We all have so much to do and not enough time to do it.  I understand that sometimes dinner has to be quick, it has to be easy and be made with food you may already have at home.  Oh and bonus points if it tastes good!


Images from Lemons for Lulu.

For the entire recipe visit Lemons for Lulu.

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