A Great DIY Movie Screen

Movie night is always fun but take it up a notch and have it outdoors.  This idea for a DIY movie screen is actually portable so it can be used indoors as well.  Screen fabric can be purchased if you are particular about the image but a white sheet will do the trick.  Thanks to Running with Scissors for the idea.

Our rental has three large trees off the lawn, and we decided it would be great to make an outdoor movie theater out there for our family to enjoy summer night movies.
It was pretty easy and we’ve been loving it!
screen fabric $39 from amazon
(you could also use a white sheet or tarp, we hope to use the screen indoors someday and maybe permanently mount it in a future home)
the advantage of screen fabric is the correct gray color for projector contrast and black out backing
-1x4s for frame $20-30
staple gun, staples, screws, drill
1. Hang curtain hanging wire between trees or posts
We used 3″ long exterior screws.
For the full instructions visit Running with Scissors.

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