A Great DIY Scarf and Tie Hanger

A hanger that keeps each scarf and tie separated makes life so much easier.  This DIY project makes getting ready in the morning much quicker when you don’t have to dig for a certain scarf.  It’s so easy and inexpensive.  Thanks to Every Day Dishes & DIY for this clever storage method.

Are you a secret scarf hoarder? Are they wadded up in drawers or piled in the bottom of your closet? Whether you’ve got an entire collection or just a few, you’ll want to make our DIY scarf hanger.

First, check your coat closet for one of those nice wooden hangers—we know you’re bound to find one! If you have none to spare, just head to your local discount store. While you’re there, pick up a pack of metal upholstery or shower curtain rings. Get a variety of sizes—small ones for lightweight, summer scarves and large ones for heavier, thicker scarves.

Our instructions provide two options to attach the rings to the hanger. If you’ve made more than one row of rings, glue them to the hanger using a process similar to that already mentioned. A mini bar clamp will make the job go smoothly.

If you’ve made only a single row of rings, the second option calls for binding them to the hanger by first wrapping thread or embroidery floss around the glued portions of each ring—a dab of glue will secure the thread in place. Once wrapped, repeat the process to attach the rings to the hanger.


Images from Every Day Dishes & DIY.

For further instructions visit Every Day Dishes & DIY.

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