A Great Way To Block Drafts And Light From Under A Door DIY

We get a bit of a breeze from under our garage door into the house so I need to make one of these DIY draft and light blockers.  It would be great for my bedroom as well because I have a child whom refuses to turn the bathroom light off during the night.  Instead of sewing, I’m going to break out the trusty glue gun.  Thanks to So Much Better With Age for the idea.

I’m fanatical about sleep.  Not only MY sleep but my kids’ sleep.

Although I will admit that since starting this blog, I’ve been going to sleep later and later as most of my work is done in the evening.

Anyhoo, I still love my sleep.  I’m super crankypants if I don’t have enough sleep and so are my kids.

My son was a terrible napper as a baby and used to wake up at 5 am until I made blackout curtains.  I’ve made them for every bedroom in the house.

My daughter’s room is off our bright foyer so light pours in under her door in the early morning.

I’ve found another solution for that too!

Check out how to make your own boxy door draft (or light) blocker.

You can see by this photo that the foyer has a lot of light and the bedrooms are right off of it.

I found that by blocking the light coming from under the door helped a lot with sleep.

It even helps with sound.

For years I’ve been using this pink rolled up blanket (that I’ve had since I was a child).

It really isn’t the greatest looking.  So I made my own.


Images from So Much Better With Age.

For the full instructions visit So Much Better With Age.

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