A Great Way To Fake A Christmas Tree With Branches And Lights DIY

This DIY Christmas tree made from branches and lights is a great idea.  It’s perfect for a small space like an apartment or cabin.  Or maybe you don’t want to drag out the tree from the basement this year.  One thing I would change is to mount the branches on a 1×4 piece of wood so that it doesn’t need to be attached to the wall.  Thanks to Uncookie Cutter for the idea.

This year I decided to attempt it and turn this entire wall into a “Winter Wonderland” type wall. I started by making and hanging the snowflakes. I shared how I did that project over on Sawdust 2 Stitches and you can see the tutorial HERE.

Then I started on the tree. It just so happened that we had a bunch of limbs in a pile in the side yard, which I rummaged through until I found a bunch I thought might work. Then I narrowed it down by finding six or seven with a diameters that were close. I did have to ask my neighbor if I could cut one dead limb off her tree, but she didn’t mind and that was my first experience with a hack saw :).
Then I cut them all into a tree pattern, making each one a little shorter than the last. That was super easy. I didn’t measure or anything, because I wanted it to look a little rustic.

Then I drilled holes in each limb. I did measure to the middle of each branch for the hole.  Still easy…

I had some leftover twine and decided to give it a try. I wrapped it around and knotted it up. I drilled one small, high hole in the brick and attached a hook. I didn’t want to drill anymore into the brick, so I was bound and determined to make it work with just the one hook.


Images from Uncookie Cutter.

For the full instructions visit Uncookie Cutter.

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