A Lovely Electronics Charging Station DIY

We have chargers all over our house.  How nice it will be to have them all in one charging station!  This DIY project shows how to convert an outlet into a USB charger.  Purchase an organizer or build your own station.  Thanks to Driven by Decor for the idea.

Over the weekend I snuck in an easy DIY project that’s been on my to-do list for weeks – creating a family charging station to organize all of our family’s electronics (iPad, iPhones, iPods – the works!). And already it’s been a game-changer at our house!

One of our house rules with the kids is that all electronic devices must be downstairs when they go to bed. But somehow we always seem to be misplacing the cords and adapters and end up having to hunt around the house every night to find them. Problem no more! I created a simple family charging station where the cords now stay 24/7 and our electronics will have a home for overnight charging. If you peek behind the charging station, you’ll see my favorite part of the project – an outlet that we converted to a 4-port USB charger:

You can now say bye-bye to those ugly chargers!

My husband and I rarely mess with anything electrical but this project was as easy as it comes. We used Leviton’s 4-port USB charger – you can order it online from Amazon {here} (affiliate link). The faceplate is not included so add that to your shopping list if your existing outlet has a different sized one.

For installation, first we turned off the power to the outlet at the circuit breaker and tested it to be certain that the power was off. We then removed the faceplate from the old outlet, pulled the outlet out of the box, and removed the wires from it. The USB charger comes with three colored wires connected to it – we connected these wires to the same colored wires coming out of outlet box, twisting the strands tightly together. We then screwed on the plastic connectors, secured them with electrical tape, and mounted the USB charger device in the wall box. Done in under five minutes!


Images from Driven by Decor.

For the full instructions visit Driven by Decor.

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