A Lovely Flower Pot From A Bucket DIY

Spring really is just around the corner and this DIY project will be ready when you are.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a planter when you can design one yourself using a bucket.  If you prefer an edgier look attach small mosaic tiles randomly around the bucket.  Thanks to Shabbyfufu for the idea.

My love affair with ranunculus hits every Spring and is still going on big time this week. The season of availability is short lived and I’m enjoying my latest bucket full that I picked up at Traders yesterday. I’ve been calling there every day because I needed some for an upcoming project, and was so happy that they saved these for me yesterday…last of the season they said for delivery around here…
But this is about the bucket…
The black plastic bucket that was sitting behind the counter at Trader Joes with my flowers on hold…
As you can see…they were so good about marking them for me. Traders is great about things like that:~)
Images from Shabbyfufu.
For the full instructions visit Shabbyfufu.

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