A Lovely Pumpkin Topiary That’s DIY For Fall

I love it when I come across a project that makes my head swirl with ideas.  This DIY pumpkin topiary can be for fall or jazzed up for Halloween.  You can use real pumpkins or the fake ones.  A string of lights can be added and the pumpkins can be carved.  Whatever idea you have it will be great!  The decorations can be things you find in your yard.  DIY Network came up with a fun idea.

This Halloween, decorate your front porch in the colors of autumn with this nature-inspired topiary.

  • Tools

    • serrated knife
    • scissors
    • hot-glue gun
    • painter’s tarp
  • Materials

    • (3) pumpkins (we used faux pumpkins)
    • greenery pins (U-shaped)
    • (2) long bows of artificial greenery (boxwood looking)
    • grapevine (twigs)
    • (2) packages of dried flowers (baby’s breath)
    • (5) bunches of feathers
    • (2 to 3) bunches of artificial flowers or grass-like (pom-pom) stems
    • (1) large urn planter


To make this fall porch decoration, we stacked three pumpkins in a planter then adorned the pumpkins in vines, greenery, baby’s breath and a few feathers.

Step 1

Paint and Prep

In order to be able to stack the pumpkins, break off the stem of the bottom two pumpkins. or cut holes in the bottom of the top two pumpkins. Paint the pumpkins if desired.

On a painter’s tarp, layout all the pumpkins and greenery. Start with the bottom pumpkin, unwind the grapevine and cut a piece to go around the bottom of the pumpkin, let some come up from the bottom a little. Use u-shaped pins to hold it in place.


Images from DIY Network.

For full instructions visit DIY Network.

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