A Lovely Shelf From Old Drawers DIY

Sometimes you have a dresser that isn’t worth the time or effort to fix.  Don’t get rid of it just yet.  Use the drawers to build a shelf that is an unique and easy DIY.  You can use two drawers for a shorter shelf or four for a taller one.  Thanks to Recreated Designs for the idea.

Remember this thrift store dresser from my last post?

I picked it up for next to nothing and turned it into a a great piece for our cottage.

When I was done, I had 4 drawers left over from the bottom where I had made the cubbies and wanted to make something unique and not waste them.  After playing around with them I found that they were the perfect size and height to build a nice, tall, vertical shelf.

In order to get the stack of drawers off of the ground, I added legs to the bottom drawer.  I found these lovely legs at Home Depot, and, even though I would have preferred to use something upcycled, they were the perfect size and height.
Tip: Add legs by marking and drilling 4 holes.  Add a little wood glue into the hole and screw in the legs.  Turn over and once they are level, leave to dry.  

Adding wooden legs to a dresser drawer to make a bookshelf.

Images from Recreated Designs.

For the full instructions visit Recreated Designs.


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