A Pecan Cream Cheese Pie To Die For DIY

Pecan pie is delicious but how about giving it a little tweak?  You say the words cream cheese and people salivate.  This DIY pecan cream cheese pie will make you the best host in a 1000 mile radius.  I like easy recipes and this definitely fits the criteria.  Thanks to Inside Bru Crew Life for the great idea.

Pecans and cheesecake were meant to be together.  Make this Pecan Cheesecake Pie this holiday season and watch it disappear in no time at all.

Do you like cheesecake?  What about pecan pie?

Do I ever have the pie for you then!!!

The other day I asked a question on Facebook about whether you would eat apple or pumpkin pie first on Thanksgiving.  The response seemed to be split between the two pies, but it turns out a whole lot of people actually prefer pecan pie instead.  The amount of pecan pie lovers was news to me.  I have to admit that is one of my favorites too, but I have actually never made one before.  Time for that to change.

So, my hubby and I got talking about pecan pie, and how I should really make one to share at Thanksgiving dinner.  But I didn’t just want to make the classic pecan pie, so here is the fun BruCrew twist to it.  We added a cheesecake layer that bakes up through the gooey caramel pecan layer.

Talk about amazing!


Images from Inside Bru Crew Life.

For the full recipe visit Inside Bru Crew Life.

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