A Simple Personal But Beautiful Glass Ornament DIY

These plain glass ornaments are like a blank canvas.  All you need is a little inspiration to make yours unique.  This DIY project with paper strips certain created an idea for me.  Passages taken from a particular book, inspiring quotes, names from your family tree, a poem your child wrote, a recipe, or anything that creates a memory.  Thanks to Two Twenty One for the lovely idea.

Our 6 month wedding anniversary will be on Christmas Day.  Even though I’m not a fan of odd numbers I was OK with the 25th because, to me, it’s the most popular odd number.  Does that make sense?  No?  Oh well.  I also figured that Brad would be more apt to remember our anniversary since it will always be 6 months from Christmas.  It was also the only Saturday available in June at our venue so I kind of had to be OK with it.
When I saw the idea (on Pinterest, of course) of taking a wedding invitation, cutting it up, and sticking it in an ornament I knew I had to do it.
Images from Two Twenty One.
For the full instructions visit Two Twenty One.


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