A Smart Way To “Frame” Children’s Artwork DIY

This DIY project is awesome because it provides a way to display a child’s artwork in a unique way.  Artwork can be rotated very easily with this framing method.  No more cluttering up the refrigerator.  I have a large wall in my laundry room that is perfect for artwork from three kids.  Thanks to The Caterpillar Years for the lovely idea.

I’m very excited to share a practical and beautiful solution for showcasing all that artwork your kids create!

Like so many five-year-olds, my daughter Adelaide is a prolific artist. We ran out of fridge space a long time ago and since then, I’ve been looking for new ways to showcase her favorite masterpieces.

I love seeing her artwork in frames, but at the rate she creates artwork, putting everything in traditional picture frames would mean framing and un-framing art at least once a week. Not to mention the cost of frames…yikes!

She recently resorted to using tape to hang her favorite pictures on the big blank wall in her room, but now I’m going through rolls of tape faster than an elementary school! Something had to be done…

So this is my solution—a DIY art gallery, using empty frames, monofilament (fishing line) and clothespins. Her artwork is framed AND she can change it out whenever she likes, without needing additional supplies or my help! Now that’s what I call a winning solution!

Here’s how to make a children’s art gallery of your very own!



Images from The Caterpillar Years.

For the full instructions visit The Caterpillar Years.

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