A Sweet Little Flower Turkey DIY

This DIY turkey made from silk flowers is a cuter version of the turkey we made as kids with construction paper.  These turkeys will look great on your table at Thanksgiving.  It’s also a good project for the kids while they are on a break.  Thanks to Crafting in the Rain for the sweet idea.

These are my little flower turkeys and I’m going to show you how to whip up a rafter of your own.  (That’s the right word for a group of turkeys, I checked on Google.)

Here’s your supply list:
Glue gun
Felt (I used brown and tan)
Flowers–fall colors are nearly free at craft stores now because Christmas has moved in! Optional:  Napkin rings and burlap, googly eyes, hair clip

First you’ll need to separate your flowers.  The little plastic stem should pop right off and you can take each layer of petals off.

Stack different colors of petals in a way you like them, with each layer being a little smaller than the one under it.

turkey hair bow

Images from Crafting in the Rain.

For the full instructions visit Crafting in the Rain.

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