Add DIY Lovely Ice Covered Branches To Any Flower Arrangement

Here is another idea that I think is really cool, cheap and easy to make.  This DIY ice covered branch idea will make any arrangement sparkle anytime of year.  Or use them in their own arrangement in a variety of colors.  I live in Colorado and have aspens in my yard that grow like weeds so I will use those.  Thanks to Make Them Wonder for a great project.

…In the meantime, how about something that sparkles to hold your attention?! Iced branches are beautiful and help to create a whimsical atmosphere when used in Christmas decorating. I ran across a great tutorial that was just screaming to be passed on.

How to make Iced Branches:


Step 1.

Place a sheet of newspaper down for a work area. Pour a pile of Colorfill Diamonds (and German glass glitter for extra sparkle) in the center.
Images from Make Them Wonder.
For the full instructions visit Make Them Wonder.

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