Agate Drawer or Cabinet Pull

This is an ingenious idea for adding color to your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere you have cabinet doors or drawers. Agate slices are beautiful and come in a rainbow of colors, which makes it really hard for me to choose just one!

If you want to dress up your bathroom or just have very unique handles, try this very easy DIY project. You’ll just need to buy your agate slice and the hardware to attach it.

Materials needed:

1. Agate Slice – choose the color to match your decor and an appropriate size. They come in many sizes as well as colors. If you don’t know where to buy one, Etsy is a good place to start.

2. Strong glue – any strong glue will do, preferably super glue. Just be sure it is appropriate for metal and almost everything. Gorilla super glue is a good one.

3. Tee Nut – this is the metal piece you will glue the agate to and it will be screwed on to the drawer or door. You can buy these at all major hardware stores. They may come in a pack.

4. Machine screw – you will need a screw to match the hole size in the tee nut.


Glue the flat side of your tee nut to the back of the agate. Let dry completely before attaching to the cabinet. Remove the current hardware. Slide the screw through the existing hole from the inside of the cabinet. Make sure that the amount of screw that is sticking out from the cabinet is not longer than the tee nut or else it will pop off or break the agate. Twist on the agate until tight.









That’s it, now your cabinet or drawer will look gorgeous! These make such a unique statement that not only will you enjoy your home even more, but you’ll get compliments from everyone who sees it.

Check out The Merrythought for the complete article and pictures.

Source:  The Merrythought

Here is another example of an agate pull. What’s unique about this one is that Victoria Elizabeth took a large piece of agate and cut it in half, using one half for each door pull on a cabinet. When the doors are closed, it looks like the complete piece of agate. Quite striking.

agate pull 2

Image Source:  Victoria Solomon via Victoria Elizabeth Design

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