An Awesome Under The Bed Rolling Storage Cart DIY

What a fantastic way to store Legos!  This DIY under the bed rolling storage cart makes it much easier for the kids to put things away.  It’s also great for extra clothes storage or whatever your need may be.  I have an old CD shelf that I can repurpose for this project.  Thanks to The Happy Housie for the idea.

Lego is a bit of a Jekyl and Hyde, if you ask me.

On the one hand, I love seeing the boys play with mixed lego (not just sets with instructions) as I think it is fabulous for developing their creativity, spacial awareness, and fine motor skills.  {Are you impressed with how teacher-y that sounded?}

On the other hand, few things manage to infiltrate your home in quite the same way as lego. I didn’t want to store it down in the playroom with the other toys because I knew that it would get spread from one end of the basement to the other, and burrow itself into the carpet waiting for the first bare feet to attack. But, as you probably saw in our boys’ bedroom reveal, their room is quite small.  So I decided to utilize the space under the bed with a rolling cart.  It was the perfect solution for our lego problem!

To make this we used:

– a large piece of MDF that we had leftover from another area in the house (our cart is about 2′ by 3′ – but you can choose whatever size will work for you and fit nicely under the bed/ in the room).
– enough 1×5 (really are 3/4″ by 4.5″) MDF trim boards to go around the entire outside perimeter of your base piece.
– optional 1×4 MDF trim boards to use as divider boards inside the cart
– four castors (I bought mine at Walmart)
– 1″ wood screws
– “Stronger then Nails” construction adhesive
– a mitre saw and a drill
– wood filler, sanding block
– primer, cloud white trim paint, clear varathane, a paint brush

Images from The Happy Housie.

For the full instructions visit The Happy Housie.


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