Another Tasty Option For Thanksgiving, DIY Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Cranberries And Hazelnuts

I love Brussels sprouts and order them often while eating out.  I’m afraid to make them at home because they won’t be as tasty.  It’s time to get out of that comfort zone and try something new.  This DIY Brussels sprouts recipe that includes cranberries and hazelnuts is just the thing.  Thanks to Bay Area Bites for the delicious idea.

I’ll be honest. I’ve not really been a fan of Brussels sprouts for about 4 years. I used to like them ok, as long as they weren’t boiled (blech). But then one day in the middle of winter (aka Brussels sprouts season) I got pregnant. I was instantly repelled by all cruciferous vegetables (and greens – sigh). And unfortunately it lasted for quite some time post-pregnancy. It was only through sheer determination that I clawed my way back to truly enjoying kale (with bacon, in a salad); red cabbage (braised with balsamic vinegar); and broccoli (roasted).


Images from Bay Area Bites.

For the entire recipe visit Bay Area Bites.

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