Aquarium Coffee Table

An aquarium coffee table is an innovative way to combine two elements. Usually an aquarium takes up it’s own space but when placed under a coffee tabletop, it occupies a space that is normally not used. It will be a unique piece that you’ll certainly enjoy.

One other advantage I can think of is the entertainment it will provide your pets! Cats love to watch fish and this brings it down to their level so they can sit and watch. If you have an empty aquarium, then the cost for the rest of the materials won’t set you back much.

Here are two tutorials for building your own aquarium coffee table. One is built with wood, the other uses wire shelving. Both are available on Instructables, posted by the people who made them.

The first is the one in our featured image that’s made with a wire shelving unit, a glass aquarium, and a glass table top. It was posted by x86daddy and is available on Instructables.

The second one was made by fellc, who made his with wood. It can also be found on Instructables.



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