Beautiful Faux Wood Beams For Your Ceiling DIY

Purchasing a large beam is expensive and cumbersome.  This DIY faux wood beam idea is inexpensive and easy to do.  All you need is a few 2X4’s to make these beams.  You can choose to use stain for a natural look or paint for a modern look.  Maybe a distressed beam will look fantastic in your home.  Thanks to Sweet Pickins for the great idea.

A few days ago I posted about our next big project, the basement.  Last weekend we were able to get a little DIY’n in and it made a HUGE difference!!!

I have always loved the look of beams and knew that we had to get them in this house somewhere – so, why not the basement?

It was the perfect space to put them in, especially since we decided to leave half the basement as one big open space – the beams really help break it up and I love the character that it adds.

And, the best part?  These beams were super cheap and SO EASY!!  And, the entire project took about 3 hours – sweetness.

K – I did some research on beams and thought maybe we should do the faux Styrofoam ones – way pricey.  then I was going to make a hollow box with mitered corners – way time consuming.  Then, I was looking at some pics on-line, went to my shop and grabbed some 2×4 scraps and constructed a little beam.  It wasn’t the way the ones on-line were made, but mine looked just as good as way less work.   Again… sweetness.

Basically, its just made up of 4 2×4’s.  One that is hidden and attached to the ceiling, one directly underneath, and one for each side.  And I love that the side 2×4’s drop down a little lower than the middle one – lots of on line pics were that way.


Images from Sweet Pickins.

For the full instructions visit Sweet Pickins.

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