Beautiful Snowball/Sea Urchin Decorations From Toothpicks DIY

These DIY decorations are made from toothpicks!  They can be used as snowflakes in the winter or as sea urchins in the other months.  Paint them any color you like.  Get creative.  This project would make for great gifts or a fun idea for kids.  Thanks to Somewhat Quirky Design for the quirky project idea.

I saw these fun DIY Christmas decorations in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine somewhere around 2001.  I was charmed by the way they looked in bunches. So I made 14 of them.

They are so fun . . . very easy to make . . . okay for older kids crafting. I’m not sure how they made the ones in their photograph. I just did what I imagined they did.
I went out and bought three sizes of styrofoam balls and practically every toothpick in Kansas City.  Then sat for several nights of TV watching and stuck toothpicks in the balls.
 Snowballs 5 1149
For the full instructions visit Somewhat Quirky Design.

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